About Me

I am a Junior Web Developer working at Namshi.com, a Rocket Internet Venture located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am one of those developers who were unfortunately introduced to the amazing world of web technology and open-source after graduating from college.

I am an American University of Sharjah alumni holding a Double Major in Electrical and Computer Engineering with honors (Magna Cum Laude). I developed passion towards the Information Technology sector early on in my studies and as soon as I attended my first course session and lab in C++. I have been always driven towards the Computer Engineering more than Electrical Engineering. Thinking about it now, I kinda wish I had enrolled in Computer Science instead! I am a published co-author with two conference papers on LTE-Advanced (4G), here and here.

Being part of the start-up culture has been an incredible experience so far, the people, the technology and the spirit are, in my opinion, the best in the industry nowadays.

My main achievements at Namshi so far include, firstly, learning about the best practices in Web Development and Software Engineering including methodologies such as Agile development, Pair Programming and Coding Standards and Patterns. Secondly, actively being involved in the development efforts to migrate from the legacy N-Tier architecture to a modern Service Oriented Architecture picking up useful skills along the way such as familiarity with virtual development environments (vagrant), linux and PHPStorm even marketing and SEO!. Thirdly, learning and getting comfortable and fluent in PHP and JavaScript. Fourthly, being comfortable with development frameworks such as Symfony2 and AngularJs on the backend and frontend, respectively. Lastly learning the importance and contribution of open-source in creating and spreading new technologies and ideas worldwide.

I aim from this blog to share my experiences as much as I can. I am hoping to start contributing to open-source projects soon (still don’t know where to start from to be honest!).

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