My Top 10 Junior Developer Pitfalls

It has been a year+ since I joined Namshi. I started as a Junior Software Engineer straight out of college. Getting introduced to the tools and best practices in the industry is a completely different experience than I ever experienced in college. It is also one of the most interesting phases of professional work as you get to experiment and play around with these tools. Help! was the most used word during my first couple of months. My teammates’ role in supporting and helping me is the determining factor that decides how well I will be using the technologies we have.

In this spirit, I would like to write about my Top 10, now I consider funny, pitfalls I made during my first year.

How do I get out of this thing?!


Probably one of the first challenges juniors face is vi and vim. For me, the struggle was how to quit this evil looking text editor.

Why don’t I have permission?


During my first days of joining, I had too many permissions issues while setting up the environment. Due to my lack of experience in a Linux OS, chmod sounded like a valid magical solution in solving any OS related issue. This was my reaction to solving permission issues in the /usr directory.

I’m done with my ticket!


When I started picking up the pace, I felt happy and proud when completing tickets with minimal assistance from my teammates. Rushing some PRs led to this outcome.

Pushing my branch!


We do tickets by branching from the develop branch. I guess the the image speaks for itself.

This was a prank


I had to ask our system administrator for help on this one. I am still plotting my revenge…

git commit -m “fixed cs”


In my first couple of PRs, I was getting a huge amount of comments related to coding standards. This was one of the attempts in expecting a possible cs issue.

gedit was a bad idea


Since I am used to a GUI based OS, it was not the easiest thing to ‘live inside the terminal’ as @cirpo, my lead developer calls it. I found a safe haven in gedit when browsing through files. This was the outcome!

HELP!! I have conflicts!

MY first experience with conflicts was quite horrible. I was told to rebase from develop before I open a PR and I freaked out when I got conflicts. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong in git before I came to realize that it is quite a normal behavior when two or more people are working on the same file.

The app is not launching!

This was a die; leftover from debugging my code. I ended up using a PHP live template in PHPStorm die('Called in ' . __FILE__ . 'line ' . __LINE__);

All good! Squash and push!

I swear my first reaction on the terminal was git squash.

What’s your Top 10 Junior pitfalls? Feel free to share your thoughts!